Und nach diesem will ich meinen Geist ausgießen über alles Fleisch, und eure Söhne und Töchter sollen weissagen, eure Alten sollen Träume haben, und eure Jünglinge sollen Gesichte sehen. Auch will ich zur selben Zeit über Knechte und Mägde meinen Geist ausgießen. Und ich will Wunderzeichen geben am Himmel und auf Erden: Blut, Feuer und Rauchdampf. Die Sonne soll in Finsternis und der Mond in Blut verwandelt werden, ehe denn der große und schreckliche Tag des HERRN kommt. Und es soll geschehen: Wer des HERRN Namen anrufen wird, der soll errettet werden. Joel 3

Burmesischer Mönch sah Buddha in der Hölle und wurde Christ (englisch)

Burmese Buddhist Monk Saw Gautama in Hell and Is Now a Christian

If atheists and evolutionists were right in claiming that near death experiences are heavily influenced by a person's pre-conceived notions and believes, then overwhelming amount of atheists seeing satan in hell or Jesus Christ in Heaven after they die disproves such claim because atheists do not believe in the existence of any supernatural beings, Heaven or hell. Yet atheists who have truly had out of body experience in the near death experience are all coming back to tell us that Heaven and hell do exist.

Near death experiences are not hallucinations as a result of a traumatized brain misfiring due to the release of hallucinogens, because the very definition of hallucination precludes reality. If a person is "hallucinating" reality and facts, such as what we see in NDE's of people seeing themselves being resuscitated and meeting dead relatives in Heaven whom they never knew existed, then by definition he is not hallucinating.

Besides, atheists also claim that different religious people see their own versions of heaven and their own gods and founders in their versions of heaven. Again, this claim is unsubstantiated with real evidence and untrue. In this video, this Burmese Buddhist monk never had any exposure to Christianity and had never heard about Peter or the broad way to hell or the narrow way to Heaven as mentioned in the Bible, but he saw the founder of his own religion Gautama in hell and a famous monk in hell. He certainly had never heard about Goliath the nephilim that King David had killed because he had never even read the Bible. He was a devout Buddhist monk. Yet now after awaking from his own near death experience after 3 days, he was telling people to believe in Jesus Christ. Now if a person's NDE is created by a dying brain misfiring, then a functional brain is at least required to see those hallucinations. Do atheists expect a brain dead person who was clinically dead (cardiac and respiratory arrest) and biologically dead (brain dead) to have "hallucinations" from the release of hallucinogens like DMT? Obviously, as Dr. Eben Alexander III (neurosurgeon who saw Heaven in his own NDE) said, our consciousness exists outside of our physical brain, although I do not deny that different parts of our brain perform different neurological functions.

Besides, those atheists who tell us that Heaven and hell do not exist have never died. How do they know they don't exist? And if they claim for every 1 case of NDE (millions of NDE's worldwide) there are 2,3,4 cases of NDE's where people see nothing, then show me those non-cases instead of making an empty claim up like that.

Many people on the internet claim that this story is a hoax because they are offended with the idea that the founder of Buddhism was seen in hell. However, church leaders in Myanmar give approval to this story which is only considered a hoax because Buddhists want to defend their religion and cannot allow the notion that Jesus Christ being "the Way, the Truth and the Life" to be true.

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